vColo Outage 2022-08-09 13:23:00 (Europe/Amsterdam)

We are upgrading our vColo platform to a new version. Downtime and slow responding virtual machine might occur during this time.

We expect this to take around 2 hours

SNT Cloud has resumed operation after synchronisation of all data. To prevent further downtime for virtual machine the upgrade is postponed until tomorrow. This will allow the servers to fully synchronise and stabilise over the night.

When a new attempt will start we will inform you via a new update.

Due to a failed unexpecte failover in our cloud platform all virtual machine had an unexpected interrupt. As an effect most of our services including Hornet experience downtime during the platform upgrade. We are investigating the issue and try to resolve this in the next 20 minutes.

After stabilizing the current running systems we will continue the platform upgrade.