Some systems are experiencing issues
Matrix maintenance

The Matrix databases are undergoing regular maintenance. All Matrix services may experience degraded performance or small outages.

Past Incidents


cPanel cPanel performance issues

Due to an external massive automated vulnerability scan cPanel experienced some performance issues. This started at about 01:45 and has been manually mitigated at around 09:20.


IRC bridges Matrix/IRC bridge issues

The IRC bridges currently have issues relaying messages for some users.


cPanel Hornet cPanel management interface not functional

The cPanel interface is currently not functional due to license issue. We are working on restoring this service as soon as possible.

  • This issue has been resolved.

  • 2023-05-20

    Homeserver Outage Matrix

    It seems to no longer be possible to send and receive messages on Matrix.

  • The outage was caused by the automated database maintenance scripts taking longer than usual (caused by a room with a massive amount of state events). This maintenance has now been completed.

  • 2023-04-13

    Mail relay Relay outage

    The mail relay is currently unavailable due to failure of our secondary hypervisor. We expect to resolve this situation tomorrow.

  • The secondary server has been fixed and the earlier degraded service has resumed. There may be some minor interruption in the next few days when as we perform maintenance on our secondary service platform.

  • 2023-03-19

    cPanel Hornet issues

    Some of our users have reported issues with Hornet. We are looking into the problem.

  • We believe the issue might be resolved but are continuing to monitor the situation.